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I am so excited there’s a job opening at Domäne Dahlem that suits my history! The farm feels like home to me as there are so many similarities with my family’s farm in Canada. In the years that I have been visiting Domäne Dahlem, I have been passionate about sharing the news of it with my friends. The opportunity to share my excitement with the wider world is a dream job!

As I am a native English and French speaker, I took on learning German in Berlin. Today, I can well understand and converse in German, but I am not a native speaker. My hope is to find work wherein I can be around German speakers my entire day such that I can stretch and strengthen my German brain.

My experience, skills and passion is ideal for this role. I’d love to have a conversation with you about whether the fit is well-suited.

Here is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae that hopefully shows how well suited I am to the work as it is outlined in the job posting on your website: Download the PDF

Domäne Dahlem was one of the first places I visited on my first trip to Berlin. I was staying in Dahlem to be near the University and stumbled upon this oasis. After living away from my family’s farm for so many years, I felt immediately at peace with the barns, the fields and the animals.

My own family has been living and working on the same land for many, many generations; since the late 1700s. My family members have been farmers but have also done the necessary work of blacksmith and animal husbandry all through the years.

Today, my father and grandfather care for the animals and the fields. When additional help has been needed, I have been fortunate enough to spend time supporting their work. The work is always filled with small lessons about the history of the land, of the family, and of the small village we call home.

The importance of this knowledge is a great passion of mine. I have worked to trace the family lineage and extend the knowledge of those farms in the neighboring communities. Other trades people in my village, (blacksmiths, vinters, millers, etc.) shared in the community work and I learned the importance of relying on others at a young age.

At Domäne Dahlem, the museum that informs about the history, as well as the knowledge of how food arrives on our plates, is one of the greatest gifts to the next generation. The youth of today place great value on caring for our planet, and Domäne Dahlem is uniquely poised to guide this learning and understanding.

Domäne Dahlem has great opportunity to share

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